Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wonderin' Wanderin' Wednesday - Nihon to Éire go Brách!

Thursday is Thursday. Funny thing about Thursday is I never remember what I did on Thursdays.

On Friday I wrote like a crazy person, or at least tried to write like a crazy person. Stupid internet is so distracting.

Nihon to Éire go Brách!  St. Patty’s Saturday, but more importantly, my wonderful Chika’s birthday. I woke up before Chika and zipped to get her some flowers at Trader’s Joes, because I’d seen some calla lilies there earlier in the week and those are her favorite. But sadly, TJ’s  were out of calla lillies. I made do with red roses and some beautiful magenta wax flowers. 

Chika's Birthday Flowers
I had her flowers, my present (a new dress, half present for me because I get to see her wearing it!) and the homemade card waiting for her when she got up. Well, actually, I had them almost ready when I got up, sent her back to bed, and then brought them to her in bed three minutes later.

I Lost  - Bday Stroke Penalty
Then Chika got ready for the day and we relaxed a bit We walked downtown to enjoy the weather, heading to meet our friend Ken at 12:30 for our reservations at the Green Room in downtown Greenville. Mmmmm. Shrimp Po’ Boy. Our friend Ken had to go to work, we went to play mini-golf. I would have won, but because of the self-imposed birthday handicap, I lost by one. 

Chika's Mad Mini-Golfing skillz!
Then we were off to Barley’s for a beer, where I also lost at darts because I gave Chika some of my bullseyes as birthday presents.

The sushi counter at Miyabi for dinner!  YUM!

Loads of people turned out for Chika's birthday, wearing her favorite color, green. Chika was really touched.

Dart Ace!
Sunday I literally wrote like a lunatic, as I was so far behind. Though we did take a break and go to Lake Conestee Park . Rescued some oak seedlings to grow: one in a terrarium, one in a pot, one in a tomato can.

Chika & Travis on the Tourist Bus
Loads of People Turned Out for Chika's B-day!
Monday I did a bit of writing and reading and repotted the oak seedlings!
Rescued Wee Oak Seedlings

Tuesday we visited Chill City.  There are loads and loads of wisteria around our house and they smell heavenly!

Tonight we ate at Kannika’s Thai Restaurant and I had a wondrously delicious vegetable masaman curry.

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