Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wonderin' Wanderin' Wednesday - Beard Begone!

Last Thursday, my commuting buddy and I finished this great Radiolab, which was great. Escape! talked about a guy who escaped from prison loads of times, about the Voyager space probe and phone freaking, and managed to tie it all together with a neat little bow.  Great episode. 

'70's Fu Handlechu
The Scruffster
Friday evening involved my shaving. The final votes tallied, and I arrived at something of a Fu Manchu / Handlebar compromise, not having dedicated the months required for a good ol’ stretch of Fu Manchu action. I raised $76.50 for a water bottle rocket launcher, a Wimshurst static electricity generator, or perhaps a gallium spoon mold.

The votes for the others?

#4 - French Fork - 1 Vote
#5 - Handlebar and Chin Puff - 18 Votes
#12 - Hulihee - 2 Votes
#14 - Franz Jozef - 26 Votes
#16 - Napoleon III & Imperial - 1 Vote
#18 - Fu Manchu/Handlebar - 66  Votes WINNER!!!!!!!!!!
#20 - Dali - 2 Votes
#22 - Sparrow - 4 Votes
#25 - The Zappa - 22 Votes
#27 - Handlebar and Goatee - 1 Vote
#30 - Pencil Thin Mustache - 1 Vote
#31 - Super Mario - 9 Votes
#32 - Handlebar - 2 Votes
#33 - The Mighty El Insecto - 2 Votes
#34 - The Half Right - 2 Votes
#35 - The Half Wrong - 4 Votes

Chika wasn’t feeling so hot on Saturday, so I did a lot of reading, and nearly finished Wildwood, by Colin Meloy. I *love* the Decemberists (Meloy is the lead singer-songwriter), but the book was a serious letdown, primarily due to foolish decisions on the parts of the main characters, and some instances of lazy plotting. I’m sad to say that immersion in the cool world was very difficult for me.

I also went out and bought a whole bunch of terra cotta pots, which I then put to use on Monday!

Sunday finished, painfully and finally, Wildwood, then mostly finished my critical response paper for the book.

Monday I had an acupuncture appointment. Aaaaaaah. Relaxing.

Yesterday I went out and got a bunch of wee seedling, rescuing them from the weed-whacker zone. Two silver oak, a holly, some kind of evergreen shrubby type thing and a mystery tree.
Wee Seedlings Five

Tonight promises to be a fairly mellow evening.  

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