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Book Review - Upgrade by Blake Crouch

[4.0 / 5.0]  Our ability to read out this sequence of our own genome has the makings of a philosophical paradox. Can an intelligent being comprehend the instructions to make itself? —John Sulston So for me this book is a 3-star book and a 5-star book rolled into one. I'll settle on the difference at 4.0 stars. If you're looking for a book that is a page-turner, with buckets and buckets of action and some sciencey goodness mixed in, this story is definitely for you. It's exciting! And it's clear that Crouch did a lot of research as well, making all the sciencey bits ring true. This is where we're looking at 5-stars. The book fell apart a bit for me when it came to character motivation and interactions. Without dropping any spoilers, some of the motivations and reasoning for some of the characters just didn't ring true, and it more than a few time pulled me from the story because I was thinking: "Seriously? That would be your course of action?" My two ce

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