Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Live Tunes Tuesday - Flogging Molly

When I went to the Flogging Molly concert, I was initially more interested in The Devil Makes Three. I loved them too, and I’ll do a write up for them soon, but Flogging Molly?


What. A. Show! Amazing!

A lot of these guys are probably older than me, and they ROCKED the house.

I haven’t moshed in ages, but I was slamming and ramming front and center, running and jumping like a crazed fool. Off the scale kind of fun. Here’s a chaotic video of the moshing!

Flogging Molly is the kind of band that you just have to see live. It’s not to say that they don’t make great music. They do. Fantastic music. But when you see them live it’s this beautiful wondrous blend of punk and Irish folk and raw energy. Check out their tour schedule  and see them live! I promise you’ll have lunatic-level fun. The crowd is great fun:

And they’ve got the patter and shenanigans down to a science. You want to hoist beers and hear their drunken stories, get drunk and tell them some of your own, then bring them home to meet dear old mom.

Still check out their album, Float, which is the album I have. I’ve haven’t listened to their back catalogue extensively, but they have a bit of the touch o’ gold, as I’ve liked everything that I’ve heard.

Why are you still reading?!?!!?  Go buy tickets to their next concert

Members (courtesy of Wikepdia) 
Dave King
  • Dave King – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, bodhrán, banjo, spoons
  • Bridget Regan – fiddle, tin whistle, uillean pipes, vocals

Dennis Casey - this photo DOES not do justice to his energy
  • Dennis Casey – guitar, vocals

Matt Hensley & Nathen Maxwell
  • Matt Hensley – accordion, concertina
  • Nathen Maxwell – bass guitar, vocals
  • Bob Schmidt – mandolin, banjo
  • George Schwindt – drums, percussion

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