Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Live Tunes Tuesday - Phillip Roebuck - One Man Band

Phillip Roebuck - One Man Band
When I went to buy the ticket for The Devil Makes Three at the Handlebar, the woman who was working the door asked if I’d ever seen Phillip Roebuck. My reply, “I’ve never even heard of him.” Her reply, “You’re in for a treat.”

So of course I went and looked him up on youtube (videos below).  Wowzers!

And boy was the woman who worked the door ever right. I was excited to see this guy.

If you’re a fan of one man bands, or of slide guitar, or of banjo, you have found your man. Roebuck is a fast-tambourining, drum-thumping, tightly contained ball of energy on stage.

I usually do my part to support local artists that I like by buying their albums when I see them live. Roebuck is no exception.  But listen, if they don’t catch my fancy, then I won’t buy their album. In the case of Roebuck, I rushed back to buy the album and, wanting to get the album signed, kept looking back from the stage before TDM3 came out to see if Roebuck was there.

My favorite tracks on FeverPitch are Monkey Fist, Little Bo Peep and Pocket Knife. If you’re into slide guitar or banjo, check out Roebuck he does ‘em both together!

Here are the two youtube videos that wowed me:

Monkey Fist:

Little Bo Peep

Check out if Phillip Roebuck is going to be in your area on tour

Members (courtesy of Wikepdia)

  • Phillip Roebuck  J

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