Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Live Tunes Tuesday - The Devil Makes Three

If I were to be completely honest, I’ve been putting off this review for about five weeks, savoring the anticipation of writing it because I’m riding the buzz. I learned of The Devil Makes Three about three months ago because they were opening up for Flogging Molly, and I was wondering if the opening bands were any good. So I wandered yonder over to youtube, and here’s the video that blew me away:

Bluegrass punk? Perhaps folk punk? Regardless of classification, I had their song completely stuck in my head, so I picked up the band’s 2002/2007 self-titled album, The Devil Makes Three. Which you need to buy right now. 

The Devil Makes ThreeIt looks like this (at right) and, did I mention that you should buy it?  Buy it here!  Or support them even more and buy it at their website! No, I don't work for this band, they're just that good. They're like a punk bluegrass version the best band you can think of!

I’d have to put The Devil Makes Three among my top ten favorite bands. What are my criteria? Well, excellent lyrics is very high up on the list, as are catchy tunes. And how about album strength?  Well, if I listen to one of their albums and ALL of the tracks are good, we’re off to a good start.  But is the band a one hit album wonder? Not in this case!  All their albums rock.

I challenge you to go to youtube and listen to any of these songs and not think they're fantastic:

          1. The Plank
          2. Graveyard
          3. Beneath the Piano
          4. Ten Feet Tall 
          5. Shades 
          6. Old Number Seven 
          7. Chained to the Couch 
          8. To the Hilt 
          10. ForMy Family
          11. Nobody's Dirty Business 
          12. Dynamite 
          13. FunHas Just Begun 
          14. Oceans Cold

Do you know how long it takes to make each of the above songs above a hyperlink?  That’s love!

Check out their website.

Dude, they’re in my TOP TEN BANDS! Within the span of two months, I bought all of their albums. You can't go wrong with any of them. You also need to check them out live, or at the very least stalk them on youtube until you’re a junkie and they’re your heroin.
Funny Face Picture - Me in Moxie, Uninspired Funny Face :(

Members (courtesy of Wikipedia)

  • Pete Bernhard - Guitarist
At the Handlebar, Greenville, SC

  • Lucia Turino - Upright Bassist
At the Handlebar, Greenville, SC

  • Cooper Mcbean - Guitarist and Tenor Banjo 
At the Handlebar, Greenville, SC

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