Thursday, March 8, 2012

Theo Thursday Pt. 8 - A Plan Is Executed and A Plot Uncovered

 :: Late Zoeday Night, the 93rd of Jhyel's Slumber ::
"If your plan involves getting out of this cave, I'm all for it.” replied Theo enthusiastically.

"This is what I propose.  My legs, though powerful, are not able to give me the height necessary to lift me from this cell.  I believe that I can throw you with enough force to get *you* out of here, however.  If you believe that you can overwhelm the guards?” came the questioning tone from Tinker.

"Of course I can manage the guards, they're only grovels after all.” said Theo, standing tall and proud to prove beyond a doubt that he could handle an *army* of grovels if the need arose.

"Though, beyond myself and Cory," said Theo, giving the unconscious Cory a gentle nudge with his foot, "I also have my friend Saw to worry about."

"In order to help your friend, *we* must first be in a position to do so.  Once we're out of this earthen dungeon, we will be more able to assess how to best help you friend."

"I just thought I'd mention him” responded Theo in a somewhat dejected tone.

"The matter of your friend could be an unexpected boon.  The grovels probably plan on placing him in the same confines which we ourselves now occupy.  We can turn that to our advantage.” mused Tinker, in a voice equal parts metallic and contemplative.  "When they open the ceiling trapdoor, with the intent of unceremoniously dropping your friend to the floor, I can throw you to freedom through the open portal.  You will then have to devise some plan to get myself and your friend to join you in freedom."

"You've been here for longer and seem to have the plan thought out and I suppose that's it but for the waiting."

*          *         *

Grumblings and fumblings preceded the opening of the unstable trapdoor, enough warning to give the Theo and Tinker time to prepare.  Dirt and bits of rotten wood rained down on Theo, getting into his eyes and already filthy fur. 

As the old wooden timbers of the ceiling door were pulled open, Theo catapulted towards two very surprised grovel guards.

"Pardon me fellows.” said Theo as he attempted to cuff one of the grovel guards on the way past.



Lashing out at the closest guard, Theo kicked and caught the grovel on the point of the chin.  The grovel grunted once, and then collapsed in a heap, dropping what looked to be an unconscious Saw.

Tucking into a ball, Theo flipped and landed solidly on the ground.

"Throw down your weapon and maybe you won't end up like your friend!” exclaimed the jubilant Theo, pointing to the victim of his fortuitous attack.

"Kenk nevr was so gud at fytin'.  I am.  Ger's gona carv you up gud! Hav yu wit a syd 'f irga root!” responded the grovel with an evil grin, as he pulled a nicked and rusty broadsword from the belt at his hip.  His clothes which clung to him in greasy shreds, swayed as he moved menacingly forward.

"Well Kenk was very easy for me to ...” Theo tried to finish, but jumped out of the way with a yipe as he narrowly missed having a broadsword imbedded in his left calf.

"Shudup scuree” growled Ger as he prepared for another swing.              

"Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the hay pile this morning” taunted Theo, avoiding a wild swing which missed him by a loooong way.

"I'm gona cut out yur tung.” bellowed the infuriated Ger.

Theo, jumping against the trunk of an ancient oak, attempted to jump over the grovel fighter.  But a misstep almost landed him on a sword-point.  Luckily, lack of skill on the part of the grovel made this a less than fatal mistake, as the grovel made a mighty but unbalancing, overhanded swing at Theo.

Another failed attempt, this time for a leg sweep, cost Theo a light wound across his right thigh.

"I kin 'lreddy tayst yu in a stoo” chortled the grovel, upon drawing blood.

Taking a dangerous risk, Theo, tumbled into the grovel's legs, knocking them out from under him and down to the ground. 


Immediately jumping on his back, Theo drove Ker's face into the hard packed earth, once, then twice and the grovel lay still.

"No *stoo* for you, I'm afraid.” mocked the triumphant Theo.

Theo looked about for some means of getting Tinker out of the grovel built prison and spying a thick wooden log, began to roll it to the hole of the open trap door.  Grunting with exertion, Theo levered the log up and pushed it end first down to Tinker.

"Halloo, watch your heads.” said Theo, as the end of the log thunked heavily on the hard packed ground.

With the grace of a cat, Tinker surged up the log, holding the still unconscious Cory in his grasp.  Theo couldn't help but marvel as he watched the steel cords of Tinkers arms smoothly slide against each other.  Moonlight seemed to pool on his cool skin, even as he knocked the dust and grime of ages and epochs from his silvery body.

"Oh my ... “ exclaimed Theo, truly seeing Tinker Moab for the first time in the bright cold moonlight.

"We should head for the forest, they won't be ignorant of your escape for very long.” advised Tinker.

"Though it may sound foolish, I'm extremely reluctant to leave my sword and cloak, very sentimental you see.” replied Theo, in an explanatory tone.

"It's possible that we can come back for them, but at this moment in time, I believe that would be unwise.” said Tinker.  It was then that Theo noticed a large number of grovels (apparently irate) rushing towards them.

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