Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wonderin' Wanderin' Wednesday - Red Bowl, Birthdays and Horror!

This week was a fairly mellow week.

Last Friday Chika and I worked at Coffee Underground. I was Editing editing editing until 9:30PM, after which we treated ourselves to AlchemyImprov in the same place.

Chika & Trav at Jessica's Roving Birthday Party
The next day, Saturday, we went out for friend Jessica’s birthday. Before going out though, I finished my second to last critical response paper (for Norwegian Wood) for the semester. The book really is amazing if you haven’t read it. The movie’s not half bad either.

Sunday – mostly hung out, getting various school things done. Went to see Cabin in the Woods at the Camelot Theater, and then met Chika at Red Bowl.

Monday when I came home I was sitting next to the doorway and I looked over to see a lucky house centipede. They're such cool critters, and keep your house clean of wee pests.

Water Bottle Rocket Launcher!
Bestest of bestest things arrived at school today!  The water bottle rocket launcher! Huzzah!  Designing rockets in one-and-a-half weeks, launches in two weeks!

This evening we have no special plans except to eat Indian food from SWAD. I’ll correct a whole bunch of papers. Wheee.  Not.  The only downside to teaching. I also spent about an hour and a half on the phone transferring all the utilities over to the new property. We’re closing on the house the day after tomorrow!

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