Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wonderin' Wanderin' Wednesday - Chattanooga!

Thursday (3/29) – finished grading my students Evolution tests!  Huzah! No grading over break!

Friday (3/30) – last day before Spring Break!  Went out to eat at the Carolina Ale House. Not too bad.

Sunday (4/1) – mostly hung out, slept in a bit. Went to see Mirror,Mirror at Camelot Cinemas!

Monday (4/2) – went to thrift stores to find various sundries, dining room table and such, but it was a bit of a wash, not finding much in the way of things we were looking for. Caught Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy at the Handlebar in the evening.

Tuesday (4/3) – drove up to Asheville for the day. Went to see Thin Ice at the Fine Arts Cinema. Yummy food at Rosetta’s Kitchen!

Wednesday (4/4) – heading out early to Chattanooga, TN. Walked around town, had beer at the Chattanooga Beer House on Southside. Went across the pedestrian bridge. Danced the various dance steps that are embedded in some of the sidewalks.

Chika Dancing the Mambo!

Chika on the Pedestrian Bridge

Thursday (4/5) – Went to the Tennessee Aquarium. Very, very cool. Then headed home.

Chika & Trav at the Tennessee Aquarium

Tennessee Aquarium Turtles

Tennessee Aquarium Penguin

Tennessee Aquarium Orange Jellyfish

Friday (4/6) – Wrote, wrote, wrote. Yeah, and then I wrote.

Saturday (4/7) – went to see Titanic 3D. Chika wanted to go, but I also enjoyed it.

Sunday (4/8) – Wrote, wrote, wrote. Then wrote some more!

Monday (4/9) – MFA Packet #4 due. Dinner out at Everyday Organics. Went to see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen at night.

Tuesday (4/10) – first day back to school. A bit tough getting my butt out of bed. But it was great to see the kids again. My eighth graders worked on the Wave Games, and we began our Ecology unit with the 7th graders.

Wednesday (4/11) – Chilling at home with my beautiful wife and Nipo in my lap.  J

Lap Nipo!

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