Thursday, April 5, 2012

Theo Thursday Pt. 12 - The Wine Debt Grows

:: Solday Evening, the 97th of Jhyel's Slumber ::
Theo began to back away.  "There seems to have been some misunderstanding, I couldn't *possibly* be the person you're looking for..."

"Come along, I don't want to have to kill you.  I'd prefer that you had a fair trial, but I won't take any nonsense” replied the guard in a matter of fact tone.  "So just come along."

Theo began backing up as he spoke, "You don't understand, *I'm* not involved in the plot to kill the king.  But I can certainly tell you who may be involved!  There's a man by the name of Saker ...".  Theo recognized the guard from having him pointed out to him, his name was Cansen, and he was rumored to be tough, but fair.  Theo also recalled the unfortunate fact that the captain was also quite short tempered.

"Arrest him, Captain!  Though he seems charming, believe none of his lies!” came a voice from the top of Northgate.  This voice came from a large, imposing man who stood between the crenelations atop the city wall.  His dark hair, poorly trimmed, and his black beard, which was even more so, wavered in the strong breeze which seemed to have sprung up without warning.

"Yes sir!” replied Cansen crisply, the command of the black man apparently steeling the guard's resolve.  "You've made some powerful enemies, friend.  Now give up quietly and I'll try to have them go easy on you,” Cansen whispered harshly.

"You don't understand, *I'm* *not* *guilty*!  You're looking for a man by the name of Saker Constantine, *he's* the assassin your looking for,” continued Theo, backing up as swiftly as he could without looking guilty.  He made it a special point to keep his hands far away from Kindle's familiar hilt.  Theo heartily wished that Kindle could get him out of *this* dilemma.

"How do you know this information, lad?"  Lunging for Theo, Cansen tried to catch Theo in the heavy wrought iron fetters.  "Ungh” was forced from Cansen's lungs as he stumbled and fell where Theo had been. Cansen, looking frustrated and angry, clambered up quickly from the ground where he had fallen.  "Now it's personal, Bramblerun."

"It's not *my* fault you fell!” explained a flabbergasted Theo, as he nimbly danced out of the guard's reach.  But Theo could tell there was no explaining things to the now furious guard.  Theo began to sprint directly away from the guard, hoping to outrun him.

Cory, Saw and Tinker seemed to all be in a similar state of confusion, baffled by the sudden spiteful, turn of events.  But Cory seemed to make a quick decision as he turned and sprinted, keeping pace with the now running Theo.  Saw and Tinker still looked undecided.

Saw, apparently standing his ground, had Theo yell back to him, "Explain what's going on Saw, we'll get out of this yet!"

"Theodore!” came Tinker's grating voice of warning.  Theo spun to see the guard cock back his powerful arm and let loose with a spear.  Pushing Cory to one side, Theo threw himself to the ground on the left.  Theo could hear the spear whistle as it thunked heavily into the ground near his head.  "What have I done to deserve this,” Theo thought to himself as he scampered off the ground.  "Did I offend Casastan in some way, did I forget some religious holiday??” remarked Theo to himself, unable to shake these darkly humorous thoughts as he continued running.  Theo noted that Cory was able to keep up with little difficulty. 

"We'll head for the water, it's our only chance to lose them!” said Theo breathlessly to Cory, who nodded in understanding.  Theo knew that the Gyonbo plains stretched for many miles in most directions, and they could be ridden down at the city guard's leisure if they headed in that direction, despite the many rocky hiding places that the rough landscape provided.

Both scurries looked back apprehensively to see if they were being followed.  Theo and Cory put on an extra burst of speed when they realized that not only were they being followed, but some of the guards were starting to mount horses.

Hitting the edge of the water at a dead run, neither scurry hesitated as they dove into the icy waters of the harbor.  As the frigid water closed over his head, Theo could feel his limbs already starting to stiffen and his head begin to throb.  "Not this again, I was *just* starting to feel warm,” thought Theo as he gritted his teeth.

Breaking the surface with a gasp, Theo looked over to see that Cory was doing the same.  "You realize that the wine you owe me has just doubled, don't you Cory"

"Why Theo, I wouldn't *dream* of not *floating* you in red wine after this,” replied Cory with a smirk and a voice heavy with sarcasm despite the grim situation.  "Thought I can't possibly imagine how you can pin *this* on me."

"Oh ..,” said Theo with a voice equal parts horror and relief

"... no” finished Cory, as they both realized that escape from their immediate predicament involved a flight into the sewers...

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