Monday, April 2, 2012

Movie Review Monday - Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror is an attempt to make a modern, hip version of the Snow White myth. Is it successful? Well, yes and no.

Comparisons are bound to happen with the Princess Bride, so I’ll dive right in. I love the Princess Bride and, at the risk of being blunt, this doesn’t come close.

But Mirror, Mirror does have its charms.

In all honesty, despite not being really wowed by the movie, I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t terribly clever, but I found myself smiling nearly the whole, campy way through.

The dialogue was very witty in many places, and Julia Roberts was fantastic as the wicked stepmother. The dwarves were well cast, and both Snow and the Prince were at least at par. Nathan Lane does a great job as Nathan Lane (“Brighton”), the Queen’s bootlicker extraordinaire.Would I urge you to run out and see this movie? Not necessarily. But if you’re having a bad day and you want something light, sweet and amusing, Mirror, Mirror would be a good bet.

3.5 / 5.0

Cast list (courtesy of Wikipedia)


  • Julia Roberts as Queen Clementianna
  • Lily Collins as Snow White
  • Armie Hammer as Prince Andrew Alcott
  • Nathan Lane as Brighton
  • Sean Bean as The King
  • Mare Winningham as Baker Margaret
  • Michael Lerner as The Baron
  • Robert Emms as Renbock
  • Mark Povinelli as Half-Pint
  • Danny Woodburn as Grimm
  • Jordan Prentice as Napoleon
  • Ronald Lee Clark as Chuckles
  • Sebastian Saraceno as Wolf
  • Martin Klebba as Butcher
  • Joe Gnoffo as Grub
  • Bonnie Bentley as Caroline
  • Nadia Verrucci as Servant

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