Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Tunes Tuesday - Thao Nguyen / The Sneaker Pimps

No live tunes today, but NEW tunes Tuesday. New to me, and possibly new to you.

A new artist, and then an old artist.

The first is Thao Nguyen, who has the pop sensibility that is vaguely reminiscent (to me anyway) of Bjork in her Sugar Cube days. I woke up a few mornings over Spring Break with this song in my head, and if you have songs that catchy you must be doing something right. Thao Nguyen is doing something right:

And a live version on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert, which actually has her playing an 18 minute mini-concert:

The second, an oldie but a goodie, is by the Sneaker Pimps from their 1996 album Becoming X.  Loved this song when it first came out in 

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