Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wonderin' Wanderin' Wednesday - Parties

Thursday (5/3) was great because my friend Phil called! He was on his long commute home, and we kept on getting cut off, but it was still fantastic to talk with him. I told him we should make it a weekly thing. Next Thursday perhaps?

LED Origami Paper Lanterns
Friday (5/4) found us heading out to a cafĂ© to get some work down. I got some correcting done, and a wee bit of writing. Chika got some translating done.  With the 8th graders we made origami paper lanterns with LEDs, batteries and paper. Fun!  Cool!

Saturday (5/5) was a day of partying. One of my students celebrated her bat mitzvah and it was a beautiful ceremony, the first I’d ever been to. I even got a bit teary thinking of my little 7th graders taking this big ol’ step towards adulthood. That and the fact that she’s just a wonderful person, quirky and unafraid to speak her mind. Then I zipped down to a friend’s Cinco de Mayo get together down in Greenville to partake in wondrous food and discussion.

Nipo's New Kitty Door & the Cellar Beyond
On Sunday (5/6) we mostly worked around the house. I installed a cat door.  Nipo is still just okay with it, but she’ll groove on it before long. Slowly getting settled in and starting to dig through boxes.

Monday (5/7) I walked to school in the morning and, ummm, yeah. Maybe some other stuff that I don’t remember.

Tuesday (5/8) included a trip to see The Lucky One. Hmmm. Overall quite a forgettable movie. I’d chalk up to okay story, okay acting and abysmal editing and directing. I mean, I wasn’t expecting a lot, it was based on a Nicholas Sparks’ book, but it could have been a lot better. Look at The Notebook. Okay, a bit on the cheezy side perhaps, but I have to go out on a limb and proclaim it a really great movie.  

Summary?  Lucky One = bad, Notebook = good. 
On Wednesday (5/9), we drove around to a few thrift stores in an attempt to find some things for the house, but were unsuccessful. At school students are still working on the Big Picture and I think grooving on it.  Really seeing the connections between all the seemingly disparate elements in science. Yay! And Barack Obama made a stand that the LGBT should no longer be discriminated against. Huzzah!

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