Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wonderin' Wanderin' Wednesday - Movin', Movin', Movin'

  • Thursday – 4/19 – Made candles in class with the students to review the phases of matter. They came out really well. Melted a lot of candles down in the crockpot. 

SDS Students @ the Cottonwood Nature Preserve
  • Friday – 4/20 –I’m a homeowner!!! Took a group of my students to the Cottonwood Trail Preserve to help clean up the area. Pull weeds, tidy some thoroughfares, etc.  Signed all the documents for the house closing. 

  • Saturday – 4/21 moving sale. I expected to make no money on the sale, but we actually made $50! Which we then promptly blew on a meal out at Ford’s Oyster House.
Yard Sale @ 30 Celand Street

  • Sunday – 4/22 – Started my critical response paper on Ender’s Game. Looooooove that book!

  • Tuesday – 4/24  -Spent a fair amount of time putting together The Ten Ten Ten Tranfusion, figuring out love songs from one main character to the other in my novel, ‘A Map to the Heart of London’, then posted the mix on my blog and on 8tracks.

  • Thursday – 4/26 – Began work on the Water Bottle Rockets with the 8th graders. Met up with Clay and Amanda at Barley’s for some science teacher catch up on what’s up with them and CHS.

  • Friday – 4/27 – Packing, packing, packing. Three hours of sleep getting ready for the move. Slept from 3:30am – 6:30am.

  • Saturday – 4/28 – We moved all day. Took the extremely helpful movers, Ken and Jim, out for dinner. John, who also helped us move, left early, but gave us a housewarming gift of a washer and dryer; extras that he had hanging around. Two of my 7th graders surprised me by mowing my lawn as a housewarming gift. Awesome!  Made my day, my week, maybe my month or more! Below?  First morning in the backyard of the new house!  :)

  • Sunday – 4/29 - Three hours of sleep getting MFA Packet #5 finished, the final packet of the semester

  • Monday – 4/30 – Turned in the final MFA packet of the semester. Also took care of various paperwork and schtuff, meal plan, housing document, etc. for the MFA residency. Realized that I wouldn’t be able to attend the Carolina High School graduation, which sucks. I’ll catch one of the rehearsals.

  • Tuesday – 5/1 - So busy I didn’t even remember the blog, never mind write the blog for Tuesday. I did walk home from school to the new house for the first time. I started listening to Haruki Murakami’s The Wind Up Bird Chronicles.

  • Wednesday – 5/2 – Walked to school in the morning. Recorded ideas for points and directions I wanted to take with A Map to the Heart of London. Fired off water bottle rockets with the 8th graders. Mixed results. Some awesome, some just flopped about like fish trying to fly. The record height was 119 meters (about 360 feet)!! Swamped at work. Staying at school until 6pm every day.  I feel like my head is going to explode and I have almost no downtime.  Rrargh!

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