Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wonderin' Wanderin' Wednesday - Asheville & House, House, House

Bullet Blog!

Yeah. I just had Writer’s Group tonight, and it’s already 10pm and I’m fighting off a cold, so it’s going to be a turbo journal blog tonight:

At the Cork & Tap
  • Thursday we planned on going to a comedy show at Coffee Underground, but we got caught up in talking about buying a house in Spartanburg, and completely spaced the evening. 
  • Friday = Uneventful. 
  • Saturday we planned on going to Asheville, but again the day was consumed by house stuff. We made an offer on the house, but there was some finagling that frustrated me to no end. It was already afternoon when all was said and down, so we decided to change the Asheville day to Monday. We went to a new place in town, a little pub called the Cork and Tap. Cool place. 
  • Sunday we went to see Studio Ghibli’s latest, The Secret World of Arrietty, and most of the rest of the day was spent writing, Chika translating. 

My Delicious Taco Latino de Chorizo
Chika's Salmon Spanish Crepe
    Amazing Saving's Haul!
  • Monday we drove up to Asheville. We dropped a ton of cash at Amazing Savings, but got loads of marked down goodies. We ate lunch at Chorizo and I had an amazing Taco Latino, smoky flavoring with vegetables and tofu. Chika had a salmon something-or-other that was very good as well. We spent quite of bit of time at a VERY cool bookstore, Battery Park Book Exchange, which is a cross between a used book store and a trendy champagne bar. I got some writing done, but continue to be sssssssssssssslow.  Sigh. Chika also noticed that my cap on my right front tooth was cracked. I already had some issues with this same tooth, so I was really unhappy. Ugh. 
  • Tuesday = Uneventful. Or at least I can’t remember what happened. 
  • As mentioned, Writer’s Group is tonight. This morning I started listening/reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. In all honesty, it’s a tough book to read on the tail of reading The Fault in Our Stars. There’s lot of people struggling with cancer, and it just makes me miss my dad a lot. I had a Harry Potter Day, where I wore my glasses the whole day, as I had an eyeball headache and didn’t feel like putting in my contacts. I'm also trying to get a Bunsen Burner Organ working, but have had miserable luck with that. :(
A Non-Functioning Bunsen Burner "Organ"

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