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Movie Review Monday - Nice Guy Johnny

Edward Burns' Nice Guy Johnny

Though I do review a movie in this post, today’s blog is more or less an ode to Edward Burns, who I feel is an unsung hero of the movie industry. Criminally underrated, in my opinion. Now this isn’t some sycophantic rant about how wondrous and godlike Burns is, it’s an honest assessment of someone I feel is a gifted filmmaker who’s taking chances with the genre and looking at the age old issues of fidelity, faith and human relations.

So Chika and I watched an Edward Burns’ movie, Nice Guy Johnny Saturday evening. I love Burns’ films because he paints true stories of true characters. I have no idea why he isn’t simple adored by critics when there’s so much crap out there and he’s producing movies that are honest and true.

And he doesn’t cheap out when it comes to plot. When it would be easier and more cliché to have a character do something that is out of character, the character doesn’t do it. It’s because he writes characters that stay true to themselves and feel like real people.

The first movie I ever saw of Edward Burns was The Brother’s McMullen, which as it turns out was also his first movie. Below is an abbreviated table of the movies that he’s written and directed, which overall I consider his true gems. He’s starred in some movies that were atrocious, and he’s not bullet proof even when he’s the writer/director (as apparently Ash Wednesday isn’t all that great according to Rotten Tomatoes, but I haven’t seen it).

His movies that I’ve seen and I’m willing to give the Travo-Stamp o’ Approval:

The Brothers McMullen
She’s the One
Sidewalks of New York
Looking for Kitty
Nice Guy Johnny

And if you have Netflix? There’s no excuse to not watch Nice Guy Johnny, streaming (and The Groomsmen, but I can’t for the life of me remember if I’ve seen this). You’ll have to check out the others on DVD.

4.0 / 5.0

Official Movie Trailer – Nice Guy Johnny

Abbreviated Edward Burns’ Filmography – Movies He’s Written & Directed
Table Courtesy of Wikipedia
Barry/Finbar McMullen
Mickey Fitzpatrick
Tommy Reilly
Francis Sullivan

Jack Stanton
Michael Murphy
Uncle Terry

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