Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Live Tunes Tuesday - Night Driving in Small Towns

I stumbled across Night Driving in Small Towns online and with a name like that they proved unforgettable. I found a song online, “I’m Not Coming Home”, which was no less than haunting. The combination of beautiful voice, raw emotion and wondrous tune, alchemically wove song into gold.

Being a small local band, NDIST, don’t get outside of the Atlanta sphere all that often, so when I saw that they were playing up in Asheville, NC (The Boiler Room, May 13th 2010), a mere hour and fifteen minutes away, I was psyched.

I even contacted them and asked them to play my favorite song. See below!

Am I a lone voice singing their praise alone?  Hardly. In 2008 Rolling Stone listed NDIST one of the “Top 25 Bands on Myspace”.

You really, really need to buy their album. Not only is it filled with great songs, but it’s something of an insurance policy that they’ll be able to make more albums.

You can check out their website and play some of their tunes (click on the player at the top of the web page). You’ll find tour information here as well, but they don’t play live all that often, and they play few shows outside of the Atlanta area, so if you’re lucky enough to be near a show when it comes up, jump on it!

Give ‘em some love and buy their newest album, Serial Killer! You will not regret the purchase!
Me in the middle of Night Driving in Small Town
Below is a video of my favorite song of theirs, which I requested … and they played! The video, grainy and not the best sound quality, doesn’t do the band justice, but you can still get a taste of the band’s sound and Andrea Rogers’ voice (wow!). They're a bit rusty because they hadn't played this song in a bunch of years, so it was great of them to play my request.

PS: If you act fast, you can get a free copy of one of thelead singer’s new song here.

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