Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Live Tune Tuesday - Fly Moon Royalty

Fly Moon Royalty - Image Courtesy of www.fremontfair.org
I’m going to have to cheat a little. Technically, I’m still talking about a live performance, I just wasn’t there to see it. I have seen the video. I deserve a bit of slack though, as I am teaching full time and pursuing my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, so I don’t have quite enough free time to warrant one live show every week. So, whining done, I’ll stand by my choice of band for Live Tune Tuesday.

A little bit of backstory.  I’m was checking out a show that’s playing the Orange Peel on February 28, Flogging Molly (three weeks from today!) and a band I’d never heard of, Devil Makes Three, was opening for them. I was interested in the possibility of catching Flogging Molly, as I like their music and figured they would put on a great live show.

Cruising over to youtube to check out the aforementioned opening band, I was wowed by Devil Makes Three, and was most impressed with one of their live performance at Seattle’s KEXP radio. Short story long, that’s how I stumbled upon these live shows at KEXP.

So, Fly Moon Royalty did a live show for KEXP's Street Sounds on April 10th, 2011, Larry Mizell Jr. hosting. There’s songs got stuck in my head all day, and it was a pleasurable experience.

They have a great sound, so check them out at their live show on youtube below. I personally liked ‘In the Woods’ and ‘Lemonade’ better than the other two tracks, but they’re all good:

Check out and/or buy their album here at their website.

Or if you’re living in the Seattle area (which I sadly am not), you can catch their live schedule here, along the right hand side.

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