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The World Myth of Zéaon and Then Some

Theo Thursday

Below is the final installment before beginning the story of Theo, and introduction to Zéaon, its world myth, its festivals and holidays, the means of measurement, and other information...

ENESIS - The Beginning - Zophian, the Blue Mother, and Thu, Father of the Soil, were lovers and spent their eternal days drifting through the celestial vastness.  The days of endless bliss eventually became long and tiresome, and the two wearied of each others company.  They began to bicker and argue and the never-ending days were no longer blissful.  In a particularly bitter argument, Zophian, in a fit of rage, struck down Thu with lightning.  Weeping with immediate regret, Zophian cradled the body of Thu, letting her large salty tears fall upon his flesh.  Wherever the tears fell, the mingling of Zophian and Thu’s essences caused life to spring forth. 

Zophian (zoh-fee-en) - The Blue Mother (a white cloud upon a field of blue) Zophian takes little action in the World of Zéaon.  She leaves matters to those of her sons and daughters.
Thu (thoo) - Father of the Soil - the former lover of Zophian, he was slain by her when they had a bitter argument.  It is from his and Zophian’s essence that all life has sprung, with the exception of Phoshaina, who was formed solely from the watery tears of Zophian.  He had skin the color of rich soil, a dark chestnut brown. 
Phoshaina (foe-shayna) - Goddess of the Waters (a cresting wave) -  As Zophian wept for slaying Thu, the tears that did not fall upon Thu, became the goddess Phoshaina, mistress of the waters.  She is always cloaked in a radiant garb of water.  The surging waves of the ocean and the cool steel blue of the deep sea.
Ehzu  (ay-zoo) - Son of the Soil (a solitary mountain) - Very much like his father was in looks and demeanor.  His skin is the color of dark, rich soil, almost black, while his eyes are the shifting colors of the many gems that are buried within the soil.
The World Tree- as Thu died his bones became the roots for the first tree.  It is these roots which hold the substance of Zéaon together.
The seasons are controlled by mortals, who having reached the summit of their soul's journey, take the post of one of the seasons.  Usually a person is nearing the end of their natural lifespan.  The means of choosing is not entirely known.  Strength of character, be it for good or evil, is believed to be the primary prerequisite.  The character of the former mortal determines the type of season.  A particularly evil mortal who controls the winter, will most likely issue in a particularly harsh winter season.  Whereas a mortal who was very good before assuming his post, would command a mild winter.  The time of choosing is the applicable season, one age following the death of the mortal.  The post is held for one age.
The names of the posts are:
the Spring Maiden:            Appears as a young woman in her late teens to early twenties who is pregnant.  She always glows with happiness, unless her aspect is evil, in which case the season of spring will be a poor growing season and their will be malignant events that happen during the season, such as stillbirths and complications arising from birth.  A child born under a good spring will grow strong and healthy, and will almost without err, be a prosperous and lucky adult.
the Autumn Lord: The Autumn Lord appears to be a vaguely humanoid being created from the very substance of Zéaon, soil and roots, plants and mud.  He has a large rack of antlers that spring from near his temples.  As Gouden, who was the first Autumn Lord,  the Autumn Lord's eyes are constantly changing as do the blazing colors of autumn leaves, from flaming reds to hot coal oranges, bright yellows to blazing green.  He represents the season of the cycle.
the Winter Hag:    The Winter Hag always appears as an old woman, but her aspect is considerably different dependent on her demeanor.  Should she be evil, she has the appearance of a withered crone, embittered and rarely smiling, whereas if her personality is good she appears as a kindly old woman, having earned many wrinkles from laughs and happy events.  The Winter Hag represents the season of slumber.
the Summer Squire:             A young youth with blonde hair and blue eyes.  His willowy and slight build is suffused with a warm golden light.  He represents the season of the growth.

Solenari's Awakening -the first day of summer when Solenari begins to regain her strength which was not at full during the winter season.
Udiah's Harvest - the harvest moon, or the night upon which all four moons are full, closest to the autumnal equinox.
Lord's Day or Leafall - the first day of autumn, beginning the slumber of the trees.
Zophian's Mourning - the season of rain, when Zophian cries continuously, regretting and mourning her slaying of Thu.
Jhyel's Slumber - the season of cold and frost, when the nights are long and Solenari's time rarely looks upon Zéaon.

(most prominent during this season, composed of  x number of stars)
The World Tree (spring, six) The World Tree, the ward of Jhyel, as it is reflected in the heavens.
Udiah's Eye - (all age, one) Udiah's eye is the star which can always be trusted to point towards true south.
The Black Sword (winter, four) The sword of Ghule Thaugrim, as it is represented in the heavens.
Thu/Earth (autumn, four) a double mountain,
Water (spring, four) represents the basic element of water in the heavens
Fire (summer, four) represents the basic element of fire in the heavens, partly Shakahrahk's symbol as well.
Air (winter, three) represents the basic element of air in the heavens
The Egret (winter, five) as in the fable of how Jhyel granted the egret flight.

Osa - a large moon; ‘the Water Moon’: controls the majority of the tides on Zéaon
Tio - a medium moon; ‘the Blood Moon’: shines its darkest when there is strife upon Zéaon
Lisyn - a medium moon; ‘the Crone’: has a shape similar to the profile of an old woman
Poen - a small moon; ‘the Brigand Moon’: rarely seen, being a small and dark moon (only the shadow is ever seen?)

Most, if not all, measurements are still the standards as they were set at the time of the Adjani empire.
The sun rises in the northwest, and the Dawn's Passage Mountains are the first peaks to catch Solenari's gaze.

grain                       = 1 second, the time it takes for one grain of sand to fall through an hourglass
wick                        = 1 minute
band                       = 1 hour, the amount of time it takes for a candle to burn through specific marked band.
day                         = 1 day
eigh                        = 1 week
season                   = 1 season (being Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn)
age                          = 1 year (approximately 472 days)
epoch                     = the amount of time which passes between major events in the history of Zéaon (e.g.                                         The Adjani Epoch[A.E.] or the Formation Epoch [F.E.] or the )

stone                      = about 5 pounds

knuckle                  = about 1 inch, the width of the average Adjani knuckle
cobblestone          = 1 foot, the standardized width and length of a paving stone on an Adjani imperial road
stride                      = 1 yard, the amount of distance encompassed by one footstep
league                    = 3 miles

pinch                      = just that
palm                        = about one tablespoon
hands                     = the volume that two cupped hands encompass
hoop                       = 1 barrel, named after the metal bands that encircle a wooden barrel

Solday - the first day of the eight day week, named after Solenari, goddess of the sun.
Unday - the second day of the week which is named after Udiah, god of the moons.
Duarday - third day, origin unknown.
Casaday - the day of rest, a favored day of gamblers, for it is Casastan's day.
Zoeday - the Holy day, upon which whatever god's are revered, are honored.
Jhinday - origin unknown
Fomenday - origin unknown
Leasonday - origin unknown


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