Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Live Tunes Tuesday - Langhorne Slim at The Grey Eagle

Langhorne Slim @ The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC
So the history teacher at work has mentioned Langhorne Slim a number of times, and I’d been anxious to see him as he sounded like someone I would groove on.

In unrelated events, I was planning on being in Asheville on January 21st, as part of plans with my wife.  More on that tomorrow.

I’d been looking everywhere online for some live music to check out, but nothing was really interesting me.

I hadn’t checked The Grey Eagle website because I hadn’t been there before and it hadn’t crossed my mind, but, and you may be ahead of me on this one, serendipity of serendipities, Langhorne Slim was playing at The Grey Eagle on the night that I was looking for some live music!

At this point I hadn’t even listened to any Langhorne Slim, so I wrassled me up some Slim (2008’s self-titled Langhorne Slim and 2009’s Be Set Free) and was impressed, and started really looking forward to the show.

I hemmed and hawed about buying tickets ahead of time, but decided as my evening’s plans hinged on going to the show, that I’d better buy them online. I’m happy I did because it was a sold-out show.

And there’s a reason it was a sold out show. Langhorne Slim puts on an amazing show. It’s abundantly obvious to anyone that Langhorne has cut his teeth on lots of small clubs and wee venues, honing his craft, because there’s a lot of positive energy flowing. He’s jumping around, the bands jumping around. Great fun!  So today I’m going to do you a favor and put all the reason Langhorne rocks in an easily accessible list:

Ten Reasons Why Langhorne Slim is Cool and Why You Really Need to See Him and Buy Some of His Albums

1)       He puts on a high energy show.
2)       When he sings he’s channeling Jim Morrison and is great fun to watch.
3)       He’s got some great songs, particularly Boots Boy and Land of Dreams his Be Set Free album
4)       He's got that “it” factor, that celebrity charisma
5)       He’s already got a back catalogue. Seven albums if you count the EP’s (buy some Slim @ Amazon)  
6)       He's still not too big, so if you start listening to him now, you can say “I listened to him before he was big.”
7)       And because he’s not huge yet, you can still get reasonably priced tickets to his shows.
8)       He’s humble about how cool he is.
9)       He hangs out after the show, so all you have to do is wait in line for a bit and you can meet him / take pics with him.
10)    He’s super-awesome-mega nice and helped me do something sweet for Chika.

There will be a bit more about this concert tomorrow on the first installment of “What’s Up Wednesday”.

What are you still reading?  Go to his website and see where he’s playing next!

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