Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Guster and From Bears at the Orange Peel

Last Tuesday was the fourth time I've seen Guster. They played the Orange Peel, a top-ranked venue (with an iconic enormous ceiling fan) in Asheville, NC. A local band, From Bears, from Boone, NC, opened for Guster. It was the second time that I was able to see Guster for free by volunteering with Reverb (, an organization formed by Adam Gardner of Guster, and his wife, Lauren.

From Bears, comprised of Ben Taylor, Matt Nemeth, Doug Little & Trent Mason, was the pleasant surprise of the evening. The two lead vocalists both had great voices, and the songs were a blend of catchy, clever, and cool. Links to my two current favorites From Bears tunes that you should click on immediately lest you be deprived of their awesomeness:

"Noiseless," off their Drone Star EP and "Crunch",a single I found on their Bandcamp site. And heck, while you're clicking on links, you should listen to "Stranger to Mass Confusion" too, which I keep finding myself playing on repeat in my head.

From Bears:

Back to Guster, I had a chance to meet them afterwards (a perk of Reverb volunteering), and chat about sundry topics. They put on a great show and has a set list that really clicked with my personal favorites of theirs. Guster formed in 1991 and hail from my own home stomping grounds of Boston.

I had a chance to snap some photos with individual band members as well:

with Ryan Miller

with Adam Gardner

with Brian Rosenworcel

with Luke Reynolds

My favorite Guster songs, in no particular order, and subject to change:

Song - Album - Year
  1. Manifest Destiny - Ganging Up On the Sun - 2006
  2. Kid Dreams - Evermotion - 2015
  3. Architects & Engineers - Easy Wonderful - 2010
  4. Satellite - Ganging Up On the Sun - 2006
  5. Demons - Goldfly - 1996

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