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Summer in Japan - Kaiten Sushi

Kaiten Sushi*

 Five Words:
Japanese tea
soy sauce
propane torchi
propane torch

One of my favorite dining experiences in Japan is kaiten sushi. It's like a food fashion show with a constant parade of beautiful dishes sliding past. The most notable difference between kaiten sushi and a regular sushi restaurant is the conveyer belt that glides effortlessly around the center of the restaurant.

My absolute favorite sushi is the "shaki shaki salmon". In order to make it, take a normal piece of portion sushi and add a squiggle of mayonnaise to the top, then use a blowtorch to sear the whole portion. Finally, add a small heap of thinly sliced onions and (ideally) a few daikon radish sprouts. Beer optional.

Shaki shaki salmon portion sushi... 

  ...with beer!

This guy was the MASTER of the shaki shaki salmon:

Usually at each table you have all your condiments at your fingertips. In this picture: soy sauce on the left, pickled ginger middle left and powdered green tea on the right. Chop sticks in the drawer below.

What meal would be complete without some green tea, tailor made by you to whatever strength you prefer?
 Green tea powder
 Just add hot water!


Pricing is determined by the color of the plate that the sushi is served on. Each plate comes with two pieces of sushi with some variety when it comes to rolls. In this case the more reasonable plates, white bordered with sky blue, cost ¥125, which is about $1.28. Pricey sushi would be served on a black, silver and gold checkerboarded plate (¥525 ≈ $5.37).  

At the end of your meal, the server just tallies up the number of plates that you have:

What make the experience the best of course is sharing it with family!

*Food Porn Warning

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