Sunday, December 25, 2011

Starting this holiday season, I will embark on a new schedule for the blog, in order to give it some structure:

Movie Review Monday

This has really been a long time coming. I watch so many movies, and love to write, so it's just weird that the intersection hasn't come prior to this. Look for this every Monday. Starting tomorrow, 12/26/2011.

Live Tunes Tuesdays

I've been going to a lot of live shows lately, so every Tuesday, I'll give a rundown on a live show that I've attended, more often than not at either the Orange Peel, in Asheville, NC or the Handlebar, in Greenville, SC. There will be often be pictures associated with these posts, unless there's a strict no photo policy. On the weeks where I've not attended a show, or don't have a live show to write about, I'll write about new songs or new bands that I've been exposed to.

Theo Thursdays

This is going to be a "reprinting" of a serial game that I wrote way back in the day. I'll edit it for clarity, and then post it. The whole story takes place in Zéaon, a lowdown, gritty fantasy world filled with uncommon (read, I completely made them up) fantasy folk. Don't look for any dwarves or elves, because you just won't find them. I'll start with a rundown on the world, the social mores, the origin of the world, etc. and then head into the storyline itself, which involves the adventures of one Theo Bramblerun, scurry swordsman extraordinaire.

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